Austin Stephen

Marron Bells
Aspen, Colorado
2017, 2020, 2021

The Maroon Bells is a collection of mountatins in the White River Wilderness famous for it's "4 pass loop" where you can backpack around several 14,000 ft peaks. This is one of my favorite ranges and I've gone on 3 backpacking trips exploring different parts. These are a small selection of some of my favorite photos from those trips.
Wind River Range
Pinedale, Wyoming

A famous collection of mountains in North Cental Wyoming. We were plagued by clouds of mosquitos all trip which was just as humbling as the towering peaks. We also took a decommissioned trail that really needed ropes to be completely safe.
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Mosca, Colorado

The sand dunes was a day trip we did as part of a visting Colorado Springs. We climbed Hidden Dune which is currently the tallest sand dune in North America at 742 feet tall.